How Social Media Influences Brand Loyalty

Every business has some goals when it joins social media. Some want more traffic to their website, some desire increased sales, while some want to build brand loyalty among the wider population in the world, namely social media enthusiasts. Did you know 30% of social Media regulars stated that they like to pay a comparatively higher price for brands, which are present on various social networking sites while 70% of them said that social profiles of companies tend to influence their buying decisions to a great extent?

Brand loyalty is not a new concept in the consumers’ world, but with social media it has emerged as a modified notion. It works like a chain of events:

From this cycle, it can be easily perceived how a visitor is turned into a lead, and then a loyal customer. It is however very easy to make brand loyalty on social media for reputed brands, but what about startups, and small and mid-size companies? Here are some tips on how small enterprises can make brand loyalty on social networking sites.

Whenever, a social visitor encounters you with a question/doubt related to your brand, you should always answer him/her and try to solve the issue over one single interaction. 

This creates a positive impression on the visitor’s mind. He/she also can engage in a conversation with a third person where your brand name is mentioned. In this case also, you should intervene and contribute as an expert on your domain. This is the ideal way to make a strong social presence with high credentials. This is the first step for making brand awareness.

This is the final step of building brand awareness. If the whole session of conversation ends up with a positive note, you can be sure of one thing that this is going to take the shape of a viral on your favor, and vice versa if you fail to satisfy the visitor. For this reason, you should give your 100% to make it positive. When the satisfied consumer would share his/her experience with his/her family and friends, it would work as word-of-mouth marketing for your brand.

As they say, any publicity, be it positive or negative, is good for making people aware of your presence, but when it comes to gain brand loyalty, you should focus only on positive reviews. 

After making brand awareness among social media users, you should concentrate to turn them into your lead. Ask them to visit your website or blog and ask for their suggestions. You also can ask them to share the links on different social media platforms, if they like them. This is one kind of recommendation from your lead, which will enhance your chances of getting more likability and linkability. For example, if one of your leads’ friend is facing an issue, which your services can solve, and your lead recommends you, you should know that you are about to gain brand loyalty.

There will be a stage, where your leads will take their purchase decisions, depending on your product updates. However, this is possible only if you can maintain good social interactions and brand reputation on social media. Your consumer retention policy should be a stronger one.

You always should remember that satisfying your old customers is easier than making new ones.

However, your old leads can be strong advocate for your products.

It is, thus, quite clear that social media users believe in the transparency of the medium and at the same time, they value the conversation and engagement made with various brands. And for the business houses, the deal is quite simple. If you can provide your social consumers with what they look for, you can win the race, beating all your competitors.